Volunteers are going to be a huge help to the Gauntlet in 2020

 We want to maintain a fair and balanced volunteer plan so both parties are rewarded equally. The current standard is to volunteer 8 hours a week to maintain free golf for 7 days plus cart.

  1. Shifts will be determined by individual availability and daily staffing requirements.
  2. Duties (not limited to):
    1. Morning carts daily
    2. Range
      1. Picking in woods and with cart
      2. Maintaining and moving Stalls
      3. Mow/rake bunkers weekly
    3. Sand and water on course
    4. Clean carts daily
    5. Collect trash on course and around clubhouse
    6. Assist with setup for weddings and events
  3. Volunteer benefits (only while volunteer status is active and current):
    1. FREE golf 7-days with cart including range
    2. Free fountain soda
    3. 25% off food
    4. 10% off on pro shop items

As an appreciation to the volunteers a plaque would be made in honor of each person that volunteered 400 hours or more each year.

Let us know if you have any questions. Stop by and introduce yourself!