Meet the Staff

Mike Byrd

Class “A” PGA | Owner/President/Head Professional | (540) 752-0963 

Bio: Mike is a rare breed of golf professionals that acts both in the role as Head Golf Professional as well as Owner Operator of the Gauntlet Golf Club.  In 2018 Mike established New Direction Golf Management Corporation as the operating company for the Gauntlet Golf Club.  The core principle to the company is to Grow the Game of Golf, by creating, developing and sustaining interest in the game thru strategically establishing programs geared towards all player types and their different stages of learning.  His time away from the course is spent in long distance running, weight training and family time.

List of Accomplishments: San Diego Golf Academy (1992), PGA Membership (1996), Head Professional at Quail Point GC (1996), General Manager Shield Crest GC (1999), Director of Golf East Potomac GC (2001), General Manager Gauntlet Golf Club (2005), Junior Golf Leadership Nominations (1998, 2003, 2015), PGA Presidents Player Development Appreciation Award (2013), Virginia State Open Qualifier (2008, 2014), Expert club builder, Certified Club Fitter (Henry Griffitts, Titleist)

Teaching Philosophy:  Mike believes in teaching each student based on the abilities they have.  Mike believes that the golf swing is an athletic motion and the most important piece of equipment a player has, is their body.  In his 30+ years of golf instruction, Mike directs each lesson as a building process towards a better golf swing for each individual golfer.

Karman Haggenmaker

Food & Beverage Director | Events Coordinator

Karman Haggenmaker lives to make people happy through food and experiences. Growing up in the south, surrounded by a family who’s main goal was to feed everyone they came in contact with, she came by this trait quite honestly. She learned to play in the dirt and grow her own food at a young age. A passion that has grown over the years. At the age of 18, Karman took her first job in the restaurant industry while in college. During the next 14 years, she learned the necessary skills to take Gauntlet Golf Club’s food and beverage operations to the next level. She has coordinated many successful events for local restaurants and charities and loved the challenges each brought. Karman looks forward to putting a fresh take on old favorites and to bringing new, exciting libations and menu items to The G. In her spare time, Karman enjoys sitting with her fiancé on their back deck and watching the birds and squirrels play, camping, hiking, knitting and swinging in her hammock. She can never say no to a good book or a strong cup of coffee. And life wouldn’t be complete without the love and support of her three children, two dogs, and the mate of her soul.