Junior Summer Camps

The New Direction Golf Academy is a great place to learn the game of golf and have a wonderful summer camp experience. Ideal for all age groups and skill levels. Students will learn etiquette, basic golf rules, and fundamental sports skills.

Classes are taken on and off our courses, utilizing our putting greens, chipping areas and driving ranges.
Let the us introduce your junior to the game.

2022 Summer Camps

1 – Pick a Camp

2 – Register and Pay

               *Register via Golf Genius
               *Pay at golfgauntlet.com/shop

3 – Learn and Have Fun!!!


Each Session will be held in two locations.

One at Gauntlet Golf Club in Fredericksburg/Stafford and One at Meadows Farms/Somerset Farms Golf Courses in Locust Grove.

You have the option to register at either location(s). 

The Locust Grove Camps will have the opportunity to utilize both Meadows and Somerset Farms.

New Direction Golf Academy strives to create lifelong players through a long-term athletic development approach.

This is accomplished by focusing on fundamental movements and developing them into fundamental sports skills.

Earlier classes will have an emphasis on running, jumping, striking and balancing in hopes to funnel down those concepts into a golf swing. This approach makes a student an athlete first and a golfer second.

We are committed to growing the game and helping the youth of today develop athleticism and sportsmanship,

encouraging students to try their best and most of all have a great time!

Session Dates

Session 1 – June 6th to June 10th
9 am to 12pm
Session 2 – June 20th to June 24th
4pm to 7pm
Session 3 – July 11th to July 15th
9am to 12pm
Session 4 – July 25th to July 29th
9am to 12pm

Session 4 is an Advanced Camp for students who have previous experience playingin PGA Junior League or who have completed a previous NDGA Summer Camp Session.